Programs that have been or are being promoted by the Public Safety Foundation of Greene County

Kid Kard (Active)

The Foundation provides financial support for the KidsKard program. This program is managed by the Greene County Sheriff’s Office. It is fully funded and is now available to the community. The program acquired specialized computer, camera and printing equipment that allows the production of a “credit card” style ID card with picture for any child. The card is given to the parents so they have a ready means to provide vital information to whomever they wish on their child should that be needed, such as in a Code Yellow situation. For further project information contact the Lt. Kevin Freid at 985-2222.

Crisis Response Kits (Complete)

This program provided Crisis Response Kits for every classroom in our schools, a total of 230 kits. These kits contain emergency supplies that will allow a teacher to help students that may become injured or help deal with the inability to leave the room for a period of time such as during lockdown.

With the help of grant money from the CERT program, all 230 Crisis Response Kits have been procured and delivered to the schools. Additional kits have been provided to other county government offices in case they have to deal with an immediate personnel injury. For further project information contact Bryan Huber, 985-5254.

Outfit Auxiliary Deputies (Active)

The Sheriff has a program to train Auxiliary Deputies to augment the full time deputies. These deputies are volunteers, fully vetted and trained in firearms, so they can patrol with full time deputies or serve as security resource officers in our schools. This program provides a boost to our law enforcement posture because the Auxiliary Deputies do not place require any additional financial support from the County.

The cost to each Auxiliary Deputy volunteer for equipment and uniforms is about $2,000, a cost that is largely borne by the volunteer. The Public Safety Foundation has committed to help the Auxiliary Deputies by providing Kevlar vests at a cost of about $600 each. For further project information contact Captain Michael Martin at 985-2222.

Programs of the Youth Development Council of Greene County (Active)

As an outgrowth of the Stanardsville Area Community Safety Initiative led by Commonwealth Attorney Ron Morris, a Youth Development Council (YDC) of Greene County, Inc. has been formed to create a community based comprehensive youth development program. There is a clear community-wide need for after school and summer programs for youth in Greene County.

An initial project of this initiative was to raise funds to send Greene County kids to summer camp. In 2014 the YDC opened its first summer camp at Dover-Foxcroft. Since then the YDC has developed after school programs for up to 50 third thru fifth grade students giving them character development, helping with homework , developing reading, STEM and other skills learning in a caring environment of close adult and high school staff interaction. To support the work of the YDC, the Public Safety Foundation served as a financial agent in 2014 to provide $2,500 to the YDC from the Charlottesville Area Community Foundation. PSFGC annually provides about $1500 toward YDC programs. For further project information contact Carl Schmitt, 985-9815.

Stanardsville Revitalization (Active)

The Foundation has offered the Stanardsville Revitalization project $1,000 as two for one match in funds for the Phase II streetscape project. This project will install sidewalks on the north side of Main Street where today there are none. This will significantly enhance pedestrian safety in the county seat. STAR has raised $2,000 toward the Phase II project in order to obtain the Public Safety Foundation grant. For further project information contact Roy Dye, 409-5796 or visit their website at

Youth Academy (Active)

The Foundation is providing from $700 to $1500 in funds to sponsor a five day Youth Academy conducted by the Sheriff’s Office. The Youth Academy is run in the summer for about 15 students and includes training in first aid and CPR, search & rescue, basic firearms with Certified NRA Instructors, DUI Education, drug awareness and safe driving practices. Graduation certificates are awarded for successful completion of the course. For further project information contact Sgt. Karen Roberts, 985-2222

Bike Rodeo (Active)

The Sheriff’s Department began having a Bike Rodeo in the fall of 2014. Approximately 50 kids come out to have their bikes checked for safety and to participate in various activities that teach skill in biking. The Foundation donated funds to buy bike helmets for kids who couldn’t afford them. For further project information contact either Lt. Kevin Freid or Sgt. Rodney Snead at 985-2222.

Automated External Defibrillator for the Library/Community Center (Complete)

An automated external defibrillator (AED) is a portable electronic device that automatically diagnoses the life-threatening cardiac arrhythmias of ventricular  fibrillation and ventricular tachycardia in a person. The AED is able to treat them through defibrillation, the application of electrical therapy which stops the arrhythmia, allowing the heart to reestablish an effective rhythm. With simple audio and visual commands, AEDs are designed to be simple to use for the layperson.

The Foundation has delivered an AED that is placed in the Library and Community Center building to be available for helping anyone who may suffer from a heart condition that needs the immediate use of a defibrillator. The cost of this device was about $1,000. For further project information contact Ginny Reese, 985-5227.

GRACE (Active)

Greene Alliance of Church and community Efforts Inc. (GRACE) is a non-profit organization which partners with churches, civic organizations and social service agencies to assists and empower county residents in need. They work with other services providers in the County to provide emergency financial help, household goods, furniture, appliances, etc. The Foundation is providing financial assistance ($1000 in 2016) to GRACE for its efforts. For further project information contact Doris Swenson, 985-6792.

Neighborhood Watch (Complete)

The Greene County Sheriff’s Office has embarked on an effort to create a Neighborhood Watch effort in some of Greene County’s neighborhoods. The Foundation has provided $750 to purchase signs and other materials needed to establish a functional neighbor hood watch activity in the subdivisions. For further information contact Captain Michael Martin or Deputy Joel Sullivan at 985-2222.

Dyke Fire Company Fire Safety Open House (Complete)

In coordination with the Dyke Fire Company, the Foundation awarded them a $950 grant to help fund a county fire safety open house in the fall of 2016. Demonstrations, presence of the Pegasus emergency helicopter, and multiple other emergency and safety groups provided a comprehensive source of information on fire safety to the public. For further project information contact Steve Bowman, 985-1673.

Kids Outdoor Zone (Complete)

A local chapter of Kids Outdoor Zone, a boys mentoring and outreach program operating in Greene County was awarded $500 in 2016 to purchase safety equipment in support of their outdoor mentoring program. For further information contact Perry Ripa 540-421-4692

Community Emergency Response Team (C.E.R.T.)

The CERT Team in Greene has a trailer stocked and ready to deploy in a local emergency. To help make sure the public can quickly identify the trailer, and help get it to an emergency, the Foundation provided $635 for putting informative signage on the Trailer. For further information contact Mrs. Christine Haines at 985-2222.

School Blackout Blinds (Active)

An effort that has been considered needed for some time is to install blackout blinds on interior windows of our school class rooms. This would mean that in a school emergency, teachers could quickly deploy the blinds so that an assailant inside the school could not determine what or who is inside the class room. The school system has installed these in the high school, but did not have the funds to install the blinds in the other schools. The Foundation has provided a grant of $6200 so that all schools can have Blackout blinds. For further information contact Bryan Huber, 985-5254.